Monday, August 22, 2011

And a Finish...

So, I finished the pincushion today.

Here's what it looked like before any finishing:

I trimmed it down and then sewed on the backing fabric.  Because of the pulled threads, I had to also sew fabric behind the cross stitch piece as well:

And this is what the back looks like:

I'm hoping to find some fancy pins to send along with this.  I managed to secure a journal today and am starting the journal cover. 


  1. Joy I love it very beautiful!
    Kim C

  2. That's a wonderful gift! Great job on finishing so fast and getting the back stitched together and stuffed. Good luck finding some nice pins!

  3. This is gorgeous, love the way you finished it off

  4. Very lovely! The teasing out the fabric's threads must have taken some time. Great job!


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