Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today I am blogging with the "help" of my assistant Adèle who was much less cranky when I snapped this picture.

The dog was knitted by my mother who has seemed to be making a lot of stuff for granddaughters lately.

It's been a five day weekend for me...not really by choice.  I had some chest pains on Friday as I was dropping Em off at home from summer school before I headed into work.  We suspected a gall bladder attack.  The doctor thinks it's actually reflux which is really painful from all the heartburn I had when I was pregnant or I have an ulcer.  Waiting on some test results.

Today we made homemade pizza ala Alton Brown of Good Eats.  But it appears that the dough has somewhat killed my brand new mixer.  The pizza was delicious though.

Here is my crafty progress:

I have continued work on the stocking:

I have also started a latch hook kit that I got for $1.99 at a thrift store (all yarn included!)

The finished project is going in to the girls' room.


  1. Great thrift store find with the latch hook! That's a very pretty design. I've made a cat and horse in latch hook. Have fun!

  2. OMW< Joy, The Stocking is gorgeous and coming along awesomely (is that a word?)It looks perfect and could be a painting! You are amazing.

    I love your latch hook, what a score! It is going to be perfect in the girl's reminds me of my grandma who was our family latch hooker and we all have sweet pieces that she made for us over the years. She's gone now but the rugs remain and are a wonderful reminder.

    I hope that your tests all come back fine...saying prayers and sending hugs.

    Adèle is gorgeous!

    Ma TK

  3. Adele is so adorable!
    Love the progress on the stocking & latch hook.
    Enjoy the summer.


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