Monday, June 20, 2011

Lotsa Pictures

My baby is growing up so fast.  Today, we tried rice cereal for the first time.  Didn't eat a lot and most of it ended up on her chin but that's pretty normal.  Zoé loves her little sister and has popped a bottle in her mouth several times when she was fussing.  She also kisses her.  But, on the other hand, she bit Adèle's toe the other day.

Speaking of Zoé, we were at Kroger the other day and she saw something she just HAD to have...
Yes, that is a melon.  I think she thought it was a ball.  We ended up not getting it but she held it all through the store.

Here are some kitten pictures from Father's Day.

And last but not least, my project progress for the week (it's not much, I warn you)


  1. That's so cute that she wanted a melon! Your stocking looks great and the latch hook is pretty too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your little blessings. Love the photos.
    Chris b


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