Monday, June 13, 2011

A bit of finishing

Today, I hung up pictures in the baby room.  We finally decided how we were going to arrange the cribs so I was able to figure out the decor.  We still don't have a crib for Adèle (she's residing in the pack 'n play) but we used the measurements from Zoé's crib to figure it out.  I have a random mess of assorted pictures hung up.  Adèle's theme is sheep so I put up the little miniatures of the sheep that my grandmother made and I will hang up Mary's Lamb Sampler once I have it finished (well, stitching is done but it's not been framed or anything).  I have found a birth announcement sampler that I like that I am hoping to make for her maybe in the fall

Zoé's theme is Winnie the Pooh.  Classic Winnie the Pooh.  However, I was unable to find any classic Pooh patterns I liked for birth announcements.  Her sheets and stuffies and stuff are a mix of classic Pooh and Disney Pooh.  I have a Disney Pooh book and I think I have found a pattern in there that I can modify.

The rest of their stuff is a mix of other things.  I did this piece awhile ago.  It's called Country Noah.  I never finished it and I've decided to basically quilt mount it and hang it in their bedroom as well.  Here is a picture of my progress on it.

Just have to attach the backing and the batting and I'm pretty much done!  Probably won't do it until next weekend.


  1. Such beautiful sheep and I love anything to do with Noah's Ark.

  2. Love the sheep & self-esteem builders.
    Love the stamped quilt you did.
    Love the Noah's Ark.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Chris B.


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