Sunday, June 26, 2011

I got more done today than I thought I would

Today started early.  Like 5 am.  I know some people wouldn't think that's too early but I don't get off work until 10 pm so I don't get to bed until midnight since I have an hour drive home.  Zoé soaked her diaper and woke up and she doesn't go back to bed well so I ended up staying up with her for awhile.

My stepson Chris has his summer leave from the army so he drove down here from New York.  Made it here just in time to go to church.  We have an hour drive to our church and we were late.  I thought we were going to have to sit around and kill time until it was time to get my stepdaughter but she managed to convince her mother to let us pick her up early.  So it worked out well.

Coming home, I had to deal with a very cranky Adèle who had been trying to poop unsuccessfully for 3-4 days.  Not good when you're only 4 months old.  Poor thing.  I spent most of the afternoon comforting her.  Fortunately, glyceryn works wonders.

Despite all that, I finally finished finishing Country Noah.  Here's a picture.

I thought it turned out nice and once I find the nails again, I'll hang it up in the girls' room.  It's done on 9 count Aida which is extremely large.  It's been sitting in my collection of finished yet unfinished cross stitch pieces.  It turned out so well that once I get an iron, I think I'll do the same thing with Mary's Lamb Sampler and hang it up as well.  Hopefully the latch hook will be done by then.  Haven't been working on that.

What I have been working on is the stocking.  I think I've got my second wind on it and it's coming along nicely.

And to finish today's blog post off, Adèle managed to flip herself over yesterday.  Here she is, looking proud.


  1. Pear juice was helpful for Kyle. He loved it so much as infant.....poor little Adele. Hey she can conquer the world...haha.
    Love the progress on both your projects....busy busy...send me some energy.
    chris b

  2. Your stocking is looking great! The backstitching makes it come alive.

  3. I do love how backstitching the piece just makes things "pop." The backstitching is so sporadic on this piece because of the way it's designed that I've backstitched as I go the whole way. Slowly but surely, I'm getting to the bottom. Then I have to do the top part with the name.


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