Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend project

So, this weekend (my weekend being Sunday and Monday now), I didn't stitch but embarked on another project that I got done this afternoon while the babies were asleep.

Our back door in in our living room.  And it has a window.  With no blinds or curtains.

Now, the backyard is fenced but it is a little weird to just have this big open window sitting right there.  Since we rent the place, we can't do a lot with the place really and it's a wooden door which I really don't want tobe screwing things into.  So, I made this:

The fabric is a heavy felt that I got as a remnant at Jo-Ann's for $4.  I sewed the top and bottom so that I could stick dowels through it (those would be $1.25 dowels I got at Jo-Ann's).  Then I got a set of Command hooks to hang the dowels on.  That was the expensive part because it was like $10 for the 4 hooks.  However, they come off cleanly with no damage to the surface you stick them to.

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