Friday, May 13, 2011

5 day weekend!

It's shift change weekend which makes it a 5 day weekend!

Hoping to get some stuff done and I've managed to find most of my stash. I'm converting my vanity into a craft desk since the mirror was broken by Mom's cat while it was in storage

 I ripped out the Ruana so you'll see that it's been removed from the UFO list.  I now have 6 balls of this yarn:

Brenda from Loom Lore suggested an afghan square pattern which I may try out but I'm thinking of converting the pattern for the long loom.  Unfortunately, my blue long loom has broken a peg

I'm going to see if using a loom clip can allow me to still use it.

This so would have been posted yesterday if Blogger hadn't crashed.  At least it's back up :)

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  1. That looks like it should work. I'm excited to see how your blanket turns out.


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