Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy Sunday

Well, my long weekend is nearly over :(

Today, I got to go to church for the first time since November.  November was when transportation started getting tight and my schedule changed so I worked 10 hours on Sunday starting at 1 pm.  We're switching back to our old church because of the move.  There are no WELS churches very close to us and we're equidistant from our current church and our old church, so we picked our old church because we always felt more at home there.  Maybe I'll be organist again!  The girls were pretty good.  Zoé ended up in the nursery halfway through but she's definitely in the throws of the terrible twos.  Adèle didn't fuss too much (it was her first service, pastor came to our home to baptize her).

Haven't done a ton of stitching as both babies are demanding attention.  And Zoé as always wants to play with Mommy's pretty string.  I'll post a picture tomorrow sometime of my stocking progress.

Been putting up my books as we try to clear the garage so we can put our car in there.  Going to leave a ton in storage.  My DH wants to start up his Bible studies again so we put out his Greek and Hebrew lexicons (he was studying to be a pastor before his wife left him and our pastors are required to learn the original lanugages). 

And as for the picture, we went to Don Pablo's to see my DH's cousin who was in town.  Didn't expect to stay for lunch but they invited us to sit down.  This was Zoé playing with a ball of tortilla dough.  She went through two, becoming one with the dough.  It's in her hair and up her nose.  Bathtime tomorrow morning (we were too tired to do it tonight).  Guess I'll be making pie dough for her to play with.


  1. My pastor loves Greek. We switched from WELS because my husband has issues with it. We all love the same Lord.....our church is Lutheran & very commmunity minded. We have a woman pastor. Kyle loves the Lord.

  2. Adele is getting so big.
    My little one turned 8 yesterday.
    The time flies.
    I love age 3 & up like my friends.
    The baby stage is a challenge. Hope you have lots of love & support. Sounds like you have wonderful family.
    God's blessings!

  3. I love to read about your family. What does WELS stand for?

  4. Thanks Chris. We love our kids (even if a certain 18 month old is rather naughty).

    Debbie, WELS is Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.


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