Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fields of Strawberries....

I've spent some time working on Blackbird Design's Strawberry Fields Forever.  I seem to be in a groove.  The small motifs go quickly since they're not nearly so solid as the house was.  The GAST and WDW are definitely shining with their slight color variations.  Maybe I'll be able to give it to the husband for Christmas!


  1. This whole series of designs is high on my wishlist ~ especially this one ;-) It looks great so far. I love the subtle variations with the threads. Looking forward to seeing the happy dance!

    1. I've already done with Yellow Submarine. Octopus's Garden is started and I have the pattern for The Long and Winding Road (need to find a round frame before I can start it). Eleanor Rigby and Blackbird didn't impress me.


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