Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unexpected Stash

This morning, my husband decided that we should all go in the truck to his office (he had to get parts for a tech).  The LNS in Plano is only 15 minutes away so we stopped by and, well, I bought some stuff.  I'm going to be still well within my budget for the month but I spent way more than I intended.
You want to see it?  Well, okay then..

First up, in the April JCS there was this great Dandelion piece.  The LNS just happened to have the correct Picture This Plus fabric so I got the fabric.

It's 28 count "Whirlpool by Picture This Plus :)
 Next up, more Beatles.  I finished Yellow Submarine this spring and currently have Octopus's Garden in rotation.  But, I decided to pick up Strawberry Fields Forever today with the required GAST and WDW threads that I didn't already have.  I didn't get the fabric but I think I'm going to use something I already have in my stash.

Last we have some metallics and Thread Haven.  I needed some Kreinik for a WIP I haven't worked because I was missing a bunch of the required threads.

No stitching of significance to report for the week.  My professional memberships lapse in August so I was busy trying to get in some of my Continuing Professional Education hours in on their webinars.  I'm up to like 33 hours for the year, which isn't bad considering I'm not working for a school district at the moment.  Hoping to share more next week.

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