Monday, August 31, 2015

Reading Challenge - August

A book more than 100 years old - A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I got this book for free off Kindle (it's public domain since it's over 100 years old, published in 1905) and the audio was discounted via Audible and Whispersync for Voice.  I listened to the book while I waited for the girls to fall asleep every night.  I have seen both the Shirley Temple movie and the updated 1995 movie.  The movies do deviate from the book some but the premise is the same.  Sarah Crewe, comes to live at Miss Minchin's boarding school when her father suddenly dies and she is forced to become a servant.

Other Books:
Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer - I read books 1 and 2 last month.  This book adds Cress, a Rapunzel-like Lunar shell who is imprisoned in a satellite who has fallen in love with the gallant Captain.  I can't wait for Winter.
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - This book was recommended to me at book club.  The main character receives a box of cassette tapes from a girl who committed suicide talking about her reasons why she did it.
Precious Moments Stories from the Bible by Sheri Dunham Haan - I've been reading this book a Bible story at a time with my girls.  It has the stories arranged topically and incorporates Precious Moments illustrations.
The Witches of Worm by Zilpha Keatley Snyder - A disappointing read about a girl who rescues a kitten who turns out to be a witch's cat.
Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush by Virginia Hamilton - A ghost story.  Tree cares for her intellectually disabled older brother while her mother is out working.  Meanwhile, the ghost of her uncle haunts the house.  It's an interesting story but the dialect bogs things down occasionally.
Dragon's Gate by Laurence Yep - Otter joins his father and uncle as Chinese immigrants working in horrible conditions on the transcontinental railroad.
Clean Slate (Jim Knighthorse #4) by J.R Rain - Detective Knighthorse is back and this time he's investigating whether or not the death of a famous actor was real or faked.
Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel - A story about a web of lies surrounding Lauren, who is recovering from a TBI and Annie who is looking for her missing brother..
The Good Neighbor by A. J. Banner - A "suspense" novel which I found predictable about a couple relocated due to their house burning down.
The Narrow Lutheran Middle by Daniel Deutchlander - A look at the different pitfalls Christians often fall into on our earthly journey.
Dragonwings by Laurence Yep - An authentic look at Chinese immigrants in the time surrounding the San Francisco.
Decision Points by George W. Bush - (abridged audiobook, read by the author) Former President Bush looks back in hindsight at the defining points of his life and presidency.

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