Friday, August 7, 2015

A Day in Bed

I haven't accomplished much this week.  I was feeling poorly again on Wednesday and spent the day in bed while the stepdaughter watched the girls.  When I was feeling better a little later, I put in a few stitches on my HAED.  It still feels like I'm stitching at a snail's pace.

I spent most of Thursday at doctor's appointments (one for me and one for the daughter).  Our travels put us near the LNS in Plano so I stopped in and picked this up.

This was the last Magical Mystery Tour piece I intended to do (Yellow Submarine, Octopus's Garden, Strawberry Fields Forever and The Long and Winding Road - I'm skipping Eleanor Rigby and Blackbird).  I'm going to wait until I find a frame for it so I can adjust the fabric count to fit.  It calls for a 36 ct but I may want it bigger depending on the round frame I find.

I was also missing two GAST for Strawberry Fields Forever.  They were out of both but they were nice enough to find me some WDW equivalents (I mean, REALLY nice, we pulled the DMC colors and then tried to match them to the WDW on the wall!) so I've been stitching a bit more on SFF lately.

I'm now over budget for the month on SFS.  I'll have to finish a small or two to catch up.

Lastly, my daughters watch a lot of Sarah and Duck so I made a few Scarf Lady memes.

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