Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash Update - February 2015

Month: February

Carryover from January: $25
Amount spent: $62.49
Amount earned: $24
Carryover to March: $11.51

This month was a bit hairy.  I had to make sure to finish some items in order to keep from going over budget.  I am liking that new feature in this version of SfS.

Progress on WIPs

Fuji at January update
Fuji at Feb update - 2 pages finished!
Sunflower Sampler at Jan update
Sunflower Sampler at Feb update (I would say that it's about 75% completed!)
Butterfly Rose Cross at Jan update
Butterfly Rose Cross at Feb Update
Country Grace at the end of 2014
Country Grace at Feb update
Do Not Meddle at Jan update
Do Not Meddle Feb update
I started and finished two ornaments that were in my stash.  Both are for Zoé's ornament box.

Catnip Christmas
Tigger Candy Cane Ornament
Mel encouraged us to visit other blogs after the January update, so I did.... AND IT MADE ME BUY MORE STASH!!!!  I saw the Blackbirds Designs Beatles series so the majority of my budget this month went toward that.

Yellow Submarine


  1. LOL!!! I hardly spent any money on stash before the internet. My downfall began with my first PC.

    I have so far resisted purchasing any of the BBD Magical Mystery Tour charts but I know I will eventually breakdown. I love them. Your Yellow Submarine is looking great!!!

    1. Thanks. I just ordered Octopus's Garden today. My husband wants them for his office.

  2. Great progress! I especially like the Sunflower Sampler and the Yellow Submarine chart: I didn't know about Blackbirds Designs' Beatles series until I read this, love it!
    (Reading blogs almost always ends up increasing my stash as well haha!)

    1. I know. I was like, Stitch from Stash should be easy this year. I have a bunch of WIPs and plenty of patterns and there really isn't anything I want to run out and stitch...oh wait, Beatles!

  3. Beautiful stitching! I have to check out the Beatles patterns as well.

  4. Great progress on all your beautiful pieces!

  5. Wow, you made lots of progress this month!

    Like you, I would have been over budget without some finishes. So many temptations!

  6. You were a busy bee this month, great progress on all pieces!

  7. You have made a lot of great progress. Happy stitching

  8. Congratulations on a lot of progress on your stitching this month.

  9. Love the Yellow Submarine! You got in lots of stitching this month. The new SFS twist is a great way to help encourage getting those UFOs finished!

  10. That dragon piece is too cute!! I've never seen it before. Like you said, we are all suspect to fall when we read others blogs. lol. Glad you took my suggestion to check them out though! :)


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