Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stash and Stitching

Friday was my wedding anniversary.  We celebrated on Saturday with a visit to the LNS.  My husband bought me a bunch of stash.  He got me the Soie d'Algier silk for the ornament I wanted to stitch and the Sampler Threads I needed for Octopus's Garden.  I also picked up a piece of clearance fabric that looked interesting.  Since it was a gift, I don't have to count it in my budget.

I started on "Lights of Advent" which was the ornament I was contemplating buying the Soie d'Algier for.  I discovered that the substitute DMC colors weren't even close to the colors of the silk so I'm glad I bought it.  The pattern calls for 35 ct. natural linen but the lady at the LNS said going with a 32 ct wouldn't change the size much.  So, I looked in my stash and found a scrap of 32 ct. Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen

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  1. Great way to celebrate, what a lovely hubby :-) great start too :-)


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