Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Knitting

I have been doing more knitting than cross stitching lately.  I finished the washcloth for the exchange (but sadly, I cannot post it).

What I can post is this picture of a completed panel of the Hooded Vest I have been loom knitting
I believe this is the left back panel.  Just three more panels and two hood panels left to go!  Wait, that's most of it. :(
Now that the blue loom is free, I have started another afghan shawl.  This one is being done in red homespun.  Here's a picture of what it will look like completed.

Except, it will be red, of course
I also started working on a capelet for me being knitted on circular needles.  I ended up having to get the modular circular needles but I think it will work out great for this project because you start on size 9 and then switch to size 8.  With the modular, I just have to unscrew the size 9 tips and screw on the size 8s.  Should make it a snap.  I also want to start another shawl that has short rows.  I have never done short rows so this should be fun.

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  1. The knitting looks wonderful. I finished your cloth too but I can't afford to mail it until next month, probably around the 3rd. I'll let you know :)


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