Friday, April 18, 2014

New Project

I decided I wanted to stitch something different today.  I picked up this pattern at SCRAP a while back but I never figured out how I wanted to stitch it.

The pattern calls for 32 count linen (stitched over two) and has WDW and Sampler Threads along with Just Another Buttons.  I picked up all the supplies but I wasn't sure if I wanted to stitch everything separately and make pillows out of them like the model shows or stitch them all on the same fabric.

I was going through my fabric stash the other day (and digitizing it in OneNote) and I found this 20 count Belinda fabric I had that had four panels.  I decided to stitch the set on it.

I got Spring done.

I used three threads instead of two because I was stitching over two on twenty count.

I think making the pattern bigger, makes the JAB look better.  They looked really big in the model.

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