Saturday, February 8, 2014

Whoot! My long awaited order is here!

I had a GREAT day today.  My husband and I had to go to Carrollton to pick up his work truck.  We had lunch in Irving at Cheddars.  We had never been there before but it was excellent food and I think we will be back.  The croissants, especially, were excellent.  After that, we went to Toys R Us to look for birthday presents for Adèle, who turns 3 on Saturday (can you believe it?).  I think she'll be very happy when she opens them.

When I got, home, my package from Needle in a Haystack had arrived.  They had been holding it, waiting for a shipment of JAB but since it has been about 2 months since I ordered it (and I needed the Silk Mori), I asked them to ship what they had and they're going to waive shipping on the back ordered stuff.  So nice.  They even figured out that the one JAB I was looking for was a misprint and found the correct one and added it to my order. I'll definitely order from them again.  Here's what was inside:

Let's see, there's some brown perforated paper, some white fuzzy stuff, the two skeins of Silk Mori (over at the left), some Mill Hill Beads, some buttons and charms, some Kreinik and Sampler Threads

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