Friday, February 21, 2014

Stitch from Stash - February Update

Next week promises to be a bit crazy, so I'm going to take care of this today before I forget.

I was way under my $25 budget, coming out with $1.25 of things I bought at SCRAP.  My long awaited order from December finally came in but it doesn't count because I ordered it in December.

I had two starts.

Valentine Hearts - I also finished them
Walt the Malt - almost finished, just waiting on some buttons
  I also worked on quite a few WIP/UFOs and was able to finish 2.

God is Love - all finished
Traveling with Santa

Sparkles - all finished

Snow White Discovers the Cottage

Do Not Meddle

Butterfly Rose Cross


  1. Gorgeous stitching! I absolutely love 'Do Not Meddle'. What a brilliant design and the fabric is so pretty :)

  2. Beautiful stitching. Keep posting your updated work on each one so we can watch them grow.

  3. Congrats on God is Love and Sparkles finish! Great job saving money at SCRAP!

  4. Wonderful job on them all! I am excited to watch Snow White - I just finished Beauty and the Beast in the same series and Snow White will be the one I do next :)


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