Monday, September 9, 2013

Just Cross Stitch Christmas (yes, already)

I have been toying with getting a subscription to Just Cross Stitch because the only place I can get it is Barnes and Noble and that's not always reliable.  They had a good deal online - get the first issue free and then 7 more issues for $21 with digital access to the last two years of back issues and digital access to my free issue which was the Christmas special issue.  So I downloaded my issue and started looking through the ornaments.

I had picked up the Ornament preview issue back in July when I saw it at random at Wal-Mart (haven't seen JCS there since).

The one on the left is "Red Penguin" from the preview issue.  The one on the right is "Yellow Penguin" (which I stitched on blue Aida because I could not find yellow) from the ornaments issue.  I added Adele's name at the bottom.  I am going to finish them as round ornaments put back to back.  The only other work that needs to be done is adding the eyes which are Mill Hill beads.


  1. Oh Joy, I love your Penguins, what a cute idea :) I can't wait to see your ornament finished...what a treat for Adele to cherish for years to come.

    I am headed over to JCS to check out the deal...thanks!

    Glad to hear see that you're taking time to's the perfect therapy for your very full plate. Your summer has been a stitch/crafty one.

    Your Ma

  2. Wooohoooo! I subscribed and downloaded my ornie issue....loooove you Joy!

    Let's happy dance together...and Thank you for the heads up girl!



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