Thursday, September 5, 2013

Extra Finishing Work

I put the finishing touches on some finished ornaments from earlier this year.  I tried something new and I'm not terribly happy with how it worked.  But it was an experiment...

To finish it, I used a piece of stiff cardboard and cut it with a template I had.  I then cut identical shapes from cardstock.  I glued the Aida to the cardboard (I would have used sticky board but I was out).  And then I framed it with cardstock.  It didn't assemble as neatly as I thought it would and the edges looked bad.  So, I finally found some nice lacy edging that I used to give it a better look.  On the cat, it's glued on the edges.  On Dumbo, I glued it on the back.  Then I used a gold pen to add the name and year.

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