Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wii - hee - hee!

My husband came home with a Wii a few weeks ago.  He saved up his tip money and bought a pre-owned one from GameStop.  We traded in our PSII and my Nintendo DS Lite and used that money to buy accessories and games for our new system.  He had thought about getting an XBox 360 but the Wii is definitely more family friendly.  Zoé, especially, likes to watch me play games.

You would think that Mario would get old after awhile but the trade in values and prices of used Mario games are definitely testimony to just how fun his stuff is to play.

My friends had this game on their SNESes.  Now I can play it on my Wii!
The New Super Mario Bros for the Wii is extremely challenging.  So is the Mario Kart Wii.

I am also playing Epic Mickey.  It's a very dark game considering it's Mickey Mouse.  

We also have Wii Sports Resort.  Fun with ping pong!


  1. I've never played a Wii system but I bet it's great fun.

    1. The controls vary by game. The part that takes the most getting used to is having to swing the controls, like shaking the Wiimote for Mickey's spin attack. Or using it as a steering wheel in Mario Kart. My pastor friend has two Wiis specifically for playing Wii bowling.


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