Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mostly cleaning and not stitching

Well, I've now officially survived one month of grad school.  I have not stitched anything lately.  I did start a loom knitting project but sadly no pictures of it yet as it's really in the preliminary stages.  

The only thing I have been doing is cleaning.  Now that we have a little extra money coming in from my husband's job we've been able to buy some much needed cleaning supplies.  The first thing we got was a Bissell steam cleaner from Sam's club.  It does a nice job.  The girls really mess up the carpet and the idiot who designed this house put carpet in the dining room.  If we owned the place, we'd rip it out but since it's a rental, we have to live with it.  

We also put a Pur filter on our faucet and a new filter in our fridge (the fridge filter was like 3 years over due).  Now all our water tastes great (and tea, and coffee).

I've rediscovered Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Zoé had drawn on the walls with crayon and I remembered that they took crayon off really well.  She has also been painting on the walls with poop (I can't wait for that phase to be over) and this cleans it up well as well.

I got a variety pack of them from Sam's that also included the kitchen erasers (with Dawn) and the bathroom erasers.  The kitchen erasers will clean tea and coffee stains off your counters with ease.  The bathroom erasers cleaned up rust stains on the first swipe and got rid of a bunch of mildew along the caulk line.  I am in love.

I had some other areas that needed a really good scrubbing so I picked up this stuff

I also got myself a dedicated bucket and some new sponges that are non scratch scrubbing sponges.  After I was done, the bathrooms were sparkling and smelled excellent.  

To keep the bathrooms smelling great, I decided to try these

So far, they are still smelling great.  And they look nicer that Renuzit and also smell better and they don't tie up a plug.  I call that win/win.

I've also rediscovered these for the kitchen:

And today, I picked up this to experiment with:

The Sam's club pack had two bathrooms and a kitchen so I'm trying both out.  I thought it could be great for cleaning up small messes in the bathroom especially (like toothpaste on the mirror).  I'll let you know what I think after I've used it some more.


  1. What a wonderful post! I can just imagine how nice your bathroom smells right now!

    1. I know. After I got done with the Mr. Clean, my stepdaughter kept going into the bathroom just to smell it

    2. How I ended up posting as my husband is beyond me. Google, thou art weird.


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