Thursday, July 25, 2013

Downton Abbey and other matters

Last week, I ordered something off Amazon and I decided to sign up for a trial of Prime.  My Vizio TV actually links directly to Prime instant videos so I decided to see what was on there.  And I discovered this:

I'd seen it mentioned by Edgar on his Blacksheep Blog so I gave it a try.  I am hooked.  A wonderful side effect is that it puts the girls right to sleep if we watch it at bedtime.  Just started season 2!

I have only a few more projects to go before I finish Summer semester.  I have most of August off.  My mother is coming to visit the first week in August so I'm sure the girls will have a blast with Grandma.  This summer has been cooler so I'm hoping it's not too hot for her.

Decided to share some loom knitting projects I've kind of worked on.

Baby Afghan for the grandbaby

Westminster Eyelet Scarf

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  1. We started watching it because everyone was talking about it. I feel in love with the outfits! Season three will crush you...


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