Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Project (and it's not an ornament!)

First, here's a picture of the linen I was talking about earlier

The cream at the bottom is the 32 ct.  I think I'll will do the Dimples Designs birds on it and I'm thinking about doing the HAED I won in December on the linen in the middle because it's large enough.  

While I was at SCRAP, I also found the perfect little kit for 50 cents to make for my mom for her upcoming birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  It's a Redbird Designs from 2004 called Hearts in Clover.  It looks like the store in Lewisville kitted it up.  Sniff sniff.  Miss that LNS...

It's stitched on 10ct Bone Tula.  It's stitched using pearle cotton and Caron Watercolours instead of regular floss.   I'm rather enjoying the Watercolours.  Haven't stitched with anything variegated in awhile.  I stitched the hearts on the clovers one stitch at a time diagonally and I like the effect that it gave me with the variegation.  The second Watercolours color ("Pistachio nut"), is more random.  It will eventually be outlined in gold.  Not sure how I'm going to finish it.  Thinking pillow or box.  I have a month.

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