Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I got a new computer because of my upcoming grad school classes and Office 2003 isn't compatible with Windows 8.  I had been using Office Picture Manager to compress my pictures for the blog so I had to find an alternative.  I'd rather not fill up my Picasa if I can help it.  We'll see how this new software works.

So far I'm loving Windows 8.  I've had Windows Phone 7 for a year and a half so the tiles are nothing new.  The computer is a small Asus laptop with touch screen (because really, to truly enjoy 8, you need a touch screen).  It should be great for going to class.  That was one of the big buys with tax money.  We're now looking to replace our vehicle as it won't pass inspection and my husband needs a truck if he gets hired like we're hoping he will be.  And if there's any money left over, the girls need twin beds. 

Anyway, getting back to Valentine's Day.  We dropped Zoé off at school for her Valentine's Day party and then drove into Denton with Adèle.  My husband let me tootle around SCRAP and I found a few things.

Bread Cloths 50 cents apiece

Some Charles Craft Aida in interesting colors

A heart Mill Hill Kit and a cute little window kit

Some yarn for a scarf I'm hoping to make
 We had lunch at Chicken Express and then picked up some breadsticks at the Flowers Discount Store.  They're the same breadsticks that the Olive Garden uses.  They're going to be the side dish for Adèle's birthday party (we're having spaghetti).

My husband surprised me later with string.  The HAED I won from Mel's giveaway calls for a bunch of DMC floss in the 100s.  I didn't actually have any of that so he bought me all 21 colors of 100 numbered floss and some bobbins.  I normally prefer plastic bobbins but he gets extra points for having pretty bobbins.  I wound the floss last night.  The girls had fun playing with the wrappers.  Adèle was making it "rain" with them.

Speaking of Adèle, it's her birthday today (yes, that means I spent Valentine's Day in labor only to not be awarded with a Valentines baby, sigh).  I baked her triple fudge cake last night.  I am trying a new frosting since my chocolate butter is a little two light for a dark chocolate cake. 

I also got a package in the mail.  Mel had an extra piece of white Lugana that she wasn't using that she sent to me for my HAED.  Thanks Mel!

Haven't stitched a lot.  Here is the small ornament I've been working on.

It's Dumbo!


  1. Ooh! Nice finds. Dumbo is looking good too.

  2. Great finds...isn't it fun?
    You're a busy mom...

  3. Oh that SCRAP store is amazing! Congratulations on all your great finds. How nice for hubby to buy all that floss and bobbins for you.


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