Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grid Experiment 1

Since the HAED is such a large complex project, I decided to grid it like I'd seen several other people do.  I've never done a grid before, so I googled it and found several different ways to do it.  I figure I will try out several different types before I settle on something I like. 

For page one of the HAED, I'm using a 4 up-2 down-4 up approach.  I used normal sewing thread in bright orange.  I want to test how easy it is to pull the threads out as I stitch etc....  I also saw people using 2 up-2 down and 10 up-10 down in the examples I found.  I'll try one of those when I get to page 2. 

There is my one little pathetic stitched square
I haven't worked on it lately since I have a nasty cold and haven't been sleeping and I don't think I could handle the tininess of it right now.  I am getting further on Dumbo though (sorry, no pic).  I was planning to stitch more today but my hands and wrists ache.  Probably something to do with fatigue and the cold or a flare up of my carpal. 

In other news, I decided to reread The Chronicles of Prydain.  I'll post my reviews when I've finished the set.  On "The Black Cauldron" right now.

Listening to some "Live and Let Die" soundtrack on LP


  1. Why don't you use the Easy Gridline Red Stuff for your Gridding instead of Floss. I've had bad experience using Floss and the Easy Gridline Red stuff is so much easier to use and so much easier to pull out. It is red and it is just like Fishing Line only a little bit different. You can buy this from have two rolls of this and I dearly love this for my Gridding.

    The way I Grid is that I grid a 10 x 10 square and I stitch in that square from start to finish so I don't lose my place on the HAED Patterns.

    I hope this will help you out.

    If you have any questions let me know...

  2. I like sulky thread for gridding ... pulls right out and doesn't split.


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