Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mostly not about Stitching

Next week is the start of school which means we had to go take Em to get her Macbook.  Her high school is handing them out to all the students.  It's the Macbook Air so it's really really thin.

Zoé had her first ever dental visit.  It went well and she was very good.

She was so good that her big brother took her out to have a Teacchino.  She really really liked it.

It's like a frappuchino but with tea instead of coffee.

Adèle is still not talking at 18 months.  So, we got her a nice first words picture book that she seems to be getting into.

I think she knows what a cat is.  The next step will be getting her to say it and she's not really wanting to cooperate with anything right now.

She is super cute though.

My poor finger is so bare.  I took my wedding ring in for its 6 month inspection (Kay extended warranty) and it had a loose stone so it's off somewhere getting fixed.  I keep panicking and thinking that I left it somewhere before I remind myself that it's off getting fixed.  [sigh]

And last, but not least, some stitching.  I got the personalization done and I just have to do a bit of finishing before I can move the qsnaps down to the toe and finish stitching that too.


  1. Yummy Teacchino. I want some it looks good.

    1. She had the candy apple. I had the dark chocolate. Oh, so good!


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