Thursday, August 9, 2012

I started something new

I was halfway through the Feburary teapot, when I decided I needed a break.  So, I picked up the Mill Hill Vino Rosso kit and I started it.  Here's my progress:

Here is more stuff I got at Scrap.  I really need to stay away, but my husband keeps driving me there!  Em found a nice box of erasable colored pencils for $2 so we'll see how she likes them.

My plan after Vino Rosso is to finish Kenny's stocking and then start on ornaments for the tree.


  1. I have that Mill Hill kit saved in a wishlist, so I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress on this :) Nice stash enhancement too.


    1. Would you hate me if I told you it cost me $2.50?? :)

      I love Scrap. I love Scrap. I love Scrap.

  2. The Vino Rosso kit looks like you're stitching on perforated paper. Am I right? You are so lucky to find the Dimples Designs charts! The birds are absolutely adorable!


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