Monday, August 20, 2012

Another finish

I finished my vinyl weave piece!

There's a tea shop that just opened up in Denton where everything is tea.  They have lots of different loose teas and they brew your cup right then and there.  They also have these teachinos which I'm going to have to try the chocolate one one of these days.  We go there quite a bit because the prices are reasonable and so I thought it might be cool to cross stitch her logo.

I uploaded the logo into KG Stitch, had to do a bunch of editing and I finished it last night.

So, I gave it to the owner today and she LOVED it!!!  Whoo hoo!  Here website is:


  1. How perfect, Joy! It looks exactly like her logo. What a nice thing for you to do!

    1. I thought it turned out very well. KG stitch is not bad software for freeware. I use it on all my sola scriptura stuff.


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