Sunday, May 6, 2012

Upcoming Projects

So, as of June 23, I will have some spare time on my hands.  Not a lot of extra spare time, because I will have Adèle and Zoé to look after but I will no longer be working 40 hours a week either.  So, I've been thinking about what I want to do later this year.  It's going to depend on the money situation too.  If we're living off severance and unemployment, there obviously won't be anything for needlework.  So, here's my plan.

If the money is tight, I'm going after some WIPs and kits that I already have.  I will probably rotate through them to avoid the blahs.

This is Adèle's Stocking
This is Kenny's Stocking which is about 60% complete in progress
This one is about 60% in progress as well with the words and most of the right hand dragon finished.
I haven't really started this because I hate the fabric but I'm going to take Raymond's suggestion and wash it to see if that helps.

If I have some extra funds, I want to do these:

It's the Country Cottage Needleworks cottage of the month set for this year.  I've seen several of my blogging friends do them so I've been drooling a bit.  However, I'd have to buy the fabric and the patterns.  Probably will be using the DMC equivalents since I don't have any overdyeds in my stash. 

My husband and I want to do our living room in cottages so the CCN stuff would work well.  The Snow White Kinkade piece will fit in as well.  I also have these on the "to do" list but I'll have to buy the linen for it.


  1. I love the stockings and the cottages. Sounds like a good plan to me...either way you go. I know I don't have a lot of extra funds either so sometimes it's just make do with what you have.

  2. Your cottages design idea sounds wonderful! The Disney Kinkade piece will certainly keep you busy, and when you get bored or frustrated with it, you can switch to the dragon or a Christmas stocking instead!


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