Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Wishes

On this Memorial Day, I feel it appropriate to post about my stepson, Chris.  He just finished his 4 year tour with the army on May 22, and will be driving home tomorrow.

After that, he's going to be enrolling in college on his GI bill.  I know some people call it a "free ride" but it definitely wasn't free for Chris.  He was the software guy, so he sat in the tent and made sure that the computers and radios were working.  They would wake him up in the middle of the night to get stuff fixed (until the commander realized poor Chris was getting no sleep and put a standing order not to disturb him at night).  He also volunteered to go on patrols.  On one patrol, a mine went off.  Chris was extremely lucky, he had been sleeping next to it the night before but he was further away when it went off.  The explosion caused him hearing damage (he has ringing in one ear) and messed up his knee a bit.  So he'll be a "disabled veteran."

Have a safe ride home, Chris.


  1. Thank your stepson for me. I would never call giving four years of your life to our country a free ride. He deserves what ever this country can do in return for him.

  2. Hmmmm......if people think that is being given a free ride, may I respectfully suggest they toddle off and do it themselves first.

    I really admire and respect any soldier and their family for what they give up for others. My son (10) wants to be a soldier but I am really hoping he changes his mind...I wouldn't try to talk him out of it as it has to be his decision.

    I hope your stepson adjusts easily to 'normal' life and has a great time in college. Please wish him all the best for the future. x x

    1. Thank you. We also found out that as a disabled veteran, he doesn't have to pay property taxes if he buys a house in Texas. I thought that was nice of the government.

  3. Thanks to your stepson and the GI Bill is an awesome use of our tax money!


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