Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I hate frogging but still made some progress

I thought I was doing so well today.  But, then when I was going to put in my Symerna Cross, I realized that I missed a row and got off so there was a bit of frogging.  After that, I put in some more crosses in the Pearle Cotton and a bit of satin stitching, so here's what the bottom part looks like now.

At work yesterday, I got off early because it was so slow.  They were also cleaning out all the promotional stuff so I got a bunch of free stuff from that.

A nice Nokia Lumia coffee mug (Kenny loved it!) and a T-Mobile travel mug

A fleecy T-Mobile scarf

A long sleeved T-Mobile t-shirt

A short sleeve woman's polo shirt

Random stuff: a massager, a highlighter, a Blackberry magic 8 ball, a teddy bear, a Blackberry stress doll and a Nokia bag
There was fanny pack and a flashlight too but they escaped the camera.

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