Friday, May 4, 2012

Stitching Blahs Blog Hop

Happy May everyone.  Relieved to be over with the A to Z blogging.  It was fun but time consuming. 

I have made more progress on the Whitework but due to the difficulties photographing it, I don't have any updated pics.  Sorry.

On Linda's blog, she had posted a link to a Blog Hop about stitching blahs.  I too have had the stitching blahs.

For me, the stitching blahs start either when I'm sick or in pain or I get bored with a project.  I've battled tendonitis and carpal tunnel, so those contribute to stitching blahs.  I also didn't stitch much when I was pregnant the first time.  I had plenty of time but between the nausea and the fact that the anti-nausea meds knocked me out flat, I didn't do much stitching.

As for the boredom, I really never know when it will strike.  Let's look at some things that caused me to get the blahs. 
Obviously, this piece has a lot of repetition.  Really easy to get the blahs on something as repetitive as this.
I hit the blahs on this piece too.  It's larger than I normally stitch for one (I do better with smaller pieces) and I didn't like the fabric.  The Aida is soooooo stiff!  Ack! 
This piece had a bit of frogging to do on it, causing me to get the blahs.  The 6 shades of green were also getting to me.
Then, there's the stocking that WILL NEVER END!!!  It just keeps going on and on and on.  This is why I normally do needlepoint stockings.  They go so much faster.  It's pretty though.

When I get the blahs, I generally do something else.  Pick up something else to stitch.  Knit.  In the case of the carpal, take a break.  I also generally stick to smaller pieces so that they're finished quicker. 

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  1. Love the Snow White piece and the stocking!

  2. I'm with Meari, love both pieces!

  3. stopping over from the STNA blog hop! Love your dragon piece. Tendonitis gives me the stitching ouchies, not the blahs. :)

  4. The stocking is so pretty. Maybe instead of finishing it as a stocking, you could cut off the bottom part of the design and finish it as a framed piece or a pillow.

    1. A nice thought, Pam, except that my husband loves it and is expecting it as a Christmas stocking.

  5. I love that you included specific examples to the cause of your blahs!

  6. I have never seen the stamp piece before, I like it. Love the dragon too ;)

    I also have tendonitis so I know how that can make you put down your stitching.

    1. I do believe it's by DMC. They did a few stamp kits. I did it for my father before he died but we never got it framed.


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