Monday, March 19, 2012

I has the flu

Hi all.

Today I woke up not feeling smurfy at all.  And then I broke out in a rash.  So, I went to urgent care who stuck a stick up my nose (not comfortable) and informed me that I had the flu.  I religiously get my flu shot every year and I have not had the flu in years.  This year was not an exception.  My employer is nice enough to bring nurses on site to give us the flu shot for free.  Even when I was in college where dorm living put me at risk, I did not get the flu.  I have no idea where I picked it up. :(

I guess that means a little time for stitching (since I'm quarantined from the girls to try to minimize them getting it) and some sleep.  I got Tamiflu (which was $45 with insurance.  eeeek) and some Zofran (my favorite drug) and I'm waiting for the "runs" to stop.  Sigh.

Hope y'all are doing well.  We are supposed to get a nasty storm tonight here.


  1. So sorry you're sick, Joy! It's especially rough when you have small ones, but right now you need to take care of yourself.

    Those flu shots only work for specific strains. Sounds like they missed the target this time.

  2. Well...after looking up the flu online, I don't have any respiratory symptoms at all and no fever, yet I tested positive for the virus. So I think the shot may have done it's job and some other virus is making me sick.


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