Thursday, March 22, 2012

I finished the sheets and I'm losing my job

So, I took today off because I wasn't sure I would feel ok.  And today, I found out that I'm going to lose my job in June as my T-Mobile tech center in Frisco, TX will be closed as of June 22.  Hopefully my husband will find something and this switch will not be too bad.  You can see the announcement here.

On a happier note, I finished Zoé's sheet set.  It was hard getting a picture because I had both girls bouncing up and down in bed. 


  1. Oh wow...I'm SO sorry to hear about your job. I really hope you find something else or your husband does.

    Love the paw print sheets. :)

  2. So scary to get bad news about work. There is bad news coming for my job too, but I'm going to ignore it until it is right in front of my face. The sheets came out perfectly!

  3. I have been more of a lurker, but I felt the need to speak up, as the issues you are facing hit very close to home.

    I am sorry about your job loss. It is hitting a lot of communities really hard. I used to work in the Redmond Oregon center, and one of my best friends is currently working there. She was hired just two months ago, and relocated from over 150 miles away for the job. I hope your husband finds some good work, or that you can take advantage of the assistance that T-mob is supposed to be giving for finding a new job. Can you try to get on at a retail store in your area? Here is hoping everything goes well.

  4. Hi Echo,
    I really feel badly for the people currently in training that just got hired right after Christmas. I'm sure some of them moved like your friend for a job. My biggest fear right now is holding out 3 months because I don't want to lose my benefits and they will be looking for any reason to get rid of you I'm sure.
    My husband and I were actually in the process of trading off where I will stay at home and he will go to work. With the two young children, it's not cost effective to do daycare right now. He more than likely has the job as he has some "ins" at the company but he should have been hired last fall but they pulled the position.
    It seems that everything is falling into place. God has truly blessed us. At this time last year I was in the process of trying to get rent assistance because I couldn't make my rent and going to food pantries and filling out food stamp applications and I really didn't have a working car. This year I live someplace where I can afford the rent and we have two working vehicles. I didn't even renew WIC so I'm off public assistance completely. Now with this, I'm not terribly worried because I know it will all work out probably better than I could have dreamed.


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