Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zoé at the ENT and Adèle's Birthday

After Zoé's hearing test came back, we were sent to the ENT.  Our doctor recommended a Pediatric ENT in Coppell so we made an appointment.  It was like the shortest doctor visit ever.  He said that she can hear just fine and confirmed that there was no fluid in her ears.  Our pediatrician had seen fluid behind her ears previously so I do believe it has all completely drained.  Our theory now is that after her one illness she had a bunch of fluid behind her ears.  If you've ever had that condition, it makes it very difficult to hear and everything is muffled.  Over the past month, she has shown improvement with listening so I believe all the fluid has drained.  Now it will be up to speech therapy to get her to start talking and responding better.

It was also Adèle's first birthday.  Here are some pictures:

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  1. Happy birthday, Adèle! Glad to hear Zoé's hearing is OK.


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