Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Nolan Ryan,

Dear Mr. Nolan Ryan,

I wish to express how much I love your steak.  We discovered it about a month ago when Kroger had one of your sirloin steaks on clearance.  We cooked it and....I didn't realize that I'd never had steak before.  It was amazing.  Like better than Outback or Texas Roadhouse or Logan's. 

The next week, Kroger was having a sale on your meat so we bought a whole bunch of whatever we could find.  We made one of your pot roasts that did not require a knife at all to eat.  We made burgers with your ground beef and my husband has promised that the first thing he will make when we get our grill is some of your burgers because they were the best he had ever tasted.  We've had more sirloin.  We've had London broil.  We've had new york strip. 

Tonight I had a t-bone.  The tenderloin half of it was to die for (don't get me wrong, the other side was good as well).  So good in fact that I'm about to pack up both of my children and go back to Kroger right now to pick up some for our Valentine's Day meal.

In closing, whatever you are doing to produce such excellent meat, don't stop.  And I will continue to be a satisfied carnivorous customer.



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