Thursday, September 9, 2010


So....I got yanked off the phones for an hour yesterday as the managers frantically ran around telling everyone there was a tornado warning. The remnants of that tropical storm went through, giving us a lot of much needed rain (well....maybe TOO much...see article below). It's the only time you can hang up on a customer (aside from if they swear at you or threaten you. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my stocking with me. Could have got a little stitching done. Oh, well

Floodwaters recede, cleanup begins after tornado narrowly misses downtown Dallas 7:10 AM CT | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News


  1. Oh dear! Did you have shelter to go to? Yes, we had some warnings around us here in OK but nothing in our county.

  2. They moved us out of the part of the call center where the cubicles and windows are into more of the center of the building. It wasn't the safest place to be but not all 200 agents were going to fit in the stairwell which is the actual tornado shelter.

  3. Frisco where I work is 20-30 miles north of downtown Dallas but the supercell was headed in our direction which is why we went for the shelters.

  4. Really glad you're OK

    Mary in IN


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