Friday, September 24, 2010

Sadness and random thoughts

 So, I found out today that my great aunt is about ready to die.  She had a stroke and they have decided not to take heroic measures so she's in a hospice in Wisconsin paralyzed and waiting to die.  I'm not sure if I can go the funeral due to costs and work.

Got home from work today and needed to wind down.  Had a glass of wine (no lectures, please, pregnant women are allowed the occasional glass blessed by my obgyn).

 I decided to stroll through my collection...I have pointed out before that I collect frogs.  Here is a portion of them:
My favorites are the white alabaster frog in the bottom right next to the blue glass frog.  I also love the white box of the three frogs, one that has its tongue sticking out and it's sitting on it.

I also collect thimbles.  I try to get one from every state I visit.  My choir got me 4 thimbles from our west coast trip after I suddenly had to leave due to my father dying.  I thought that was rather sweet.

I love the San Francisco one they got me.  It has a trolley on top.  My pewter Texas one is cool too.

I have a lot of Precious Moments.  They were presents from my aunt.  I had so many that I weeded out my collection so they looked better.  I love the wood carousel that plays "Baby Elephant Walk."  It's in the back left.  Of course, there's the frog too.  And next to the frog is the tea set which is also oober cute.

This is a Katchina Doll from Arizona.  My grandma got it for me.  He looks funny but the details are awesome on it. 

Got the 4 colors of DMC I needed today.  Hopefully more stitching tomorrow.

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  1. Wonderful collections....must be difficult for little ones to keep hands off.
    Chris B.


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