Friday, September 17, 2010

Pumpkin Project

Becky over at Becky Bee's Stitching Hive is hosting a pumpkin contest and since I've never really stitched anything fall ish, I decided to do something.  The only problem was finding something I liked.  I found two haunted house patterns in my 4 gigantic binders of cross stitch magazines, but they looked a bit cheezy.  I wasn't really going for something with ghosts.  So, I looked through this book:

and I found quite a few things that I I decided to design my own pattern.  Here is what it looks like at the moment:

I'm using a cream 14 ct Aida (it was in my stash) and I used the green thread to block off the available area I can stitch.  I want the finished piece to fit in a 5x7 frame so I allowed 1/4" on each side so my area to stitch ends up being 4.5x6.5 inches.  As you can see the pumpkin is going strong.  Once I have that finished, I have some other ideas but I'm really making this up as I go along.  More progress reports to follow.

Oh, and my husband got me this (well, the note said it was from my daughter saying she was sorry that she broke my frog). My stepdaughter pitched in as well

I was eying these up at Hobby Lobby last week.  Thomas Kinkade has done 4 gorgeous pictures for Disney and it was a toss up between Cinderella and this one as to which one was my favorite.  It's going to take me a long time to do this as it's solidly stitched on 18 ct Aida and is 16" x 12" (yeah, lots of stitches and lots of colors from what I can tell).  I will have to finish the stockings first after my fall project and then I have a PIF to do and then I can start this (yes, Parsley, I have not forgotten you.  I still haven't found anything that screams you yet).

Oh....on a geeky note.  We actually don't have cable internet anymore at the moment because of the current job situation but working for a cell phone company, I have a smartphone so I decided to use it as a modem.  Needless to say, the speed is the same as wifi with the cable modem.  They aren't joking about the HSPA+.  Oh, and Android is cool and all but Windows Mobile was extremely easy to set up as a modem (one setting changed and I'm done).  The pictures I've put up have actually all been taken on that phone as of recent (don't feel like letting my 5mp camera eat more AAs) which isn't bad for 3.2mp with no flash.

 If that last paragraph made no sense, sorry, I felt like being geeky.  You can tell you live in a family of geeks when your stepson's computer parts (that's right, parts, not entire computer, it has to be built) are sitting in your foyer and you and your husband just discussed ways to transform a wagon into a Starship so we can take the baby as a Starship captain for Halloween.


  1. I have this book. It is great to fish ideas out of!

  2. Good luck with your contest. I love those TK Disney kits!

  3. Love your pumpkin piece.
    Also, your husband is a keeper for buying that very detailed kit of Snow White. When do you plan to start it?
    Have you checked how many colors it has?
    Some day, I will buy something Thomas Kinkade, but my hubby & son wanted Mater, Lightning McQueen, semi (in album) & now son wants a tractor next.....we may compromise on butterflies as we both love those.
    Chris B. (Enjoy that kit)


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