Thursday, September 9, 2010

Checking the stash

So, I found out last night that my cousin is having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow in addition to the stress fracture in her foot.  So, I investigated my stash while looking for the pattern I wanted to use to make her a get well card.

Or rather....the baby beat me to it.

My stash has dwindled in my move from Wisconsin.   A lot got left behind.  I have quite a few kits yet to do.

Most of these kits I got from the Catholic rummage sale in Waukesha (thanks Cindy!).  Some day I will start them.  I've got some other pieces I'd like to do first but kits are nice to have around.  No floss hunting, just some separating and away you go...

I also found a few WIPs

Unfortunately, I stopped this great piece because I'm going to have to rip out a portion of the dragon.

These are some of the Christmyth pieces from the Dragon Dreams collection online.  The unfinished one is a griffin I believe.  I think I have some ripping to do on it as well.  She does have a lot of fabulous free patterns on her website as well that I would love to do....I just need more time.  And seeing as I'm the only one working in this household at the moment....

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