Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Favorite Games

We have been playing a lot of games in the house lately. Some of them are your normal board games, some of them are a little different. Here are the popular ones as of late.

We got this version for Christmas. Em gets bored with the normal version (I think it's the keeping track of paper money) and this one seems to keep her attention more. Guess it's the calculator age. Why else would she be required to have a TI-83 Plus in 7th grade?

For a similar reason we've been doing the CD-ROM version of The Game of Life. Plus, the Enhanced Game is fun with its revenge and little games

Since we're all geeks (well Em is a geek in training), we find this game hilarious. It makes fun of all things Dungeons and Dragons. Like the tagline says, you beat monsters (with names like Potted Plant and Plutonium Dragon) with weapons like The Sword of Slaying Everything Except Squid while the other players try to backstab you.

This is one for fans of the French Revolution. You win this game by getting the most points off the heads that you collect (like Marie Antoinette is 5 points but Hero of the People is -3 so don't get him).

This game has tiles that you use to build cities and roads and rivers and cloister and you have little people that you use to mark what you are building but beware of other players who encroach on your territory. We love this because you never have the same map twice.

This game is hilarious. Another one that makes fun of roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons, 4 adventurers have returned from adventuring and are in a tavern. You win when you are the last player who is not passed out or thrown out of the inn for lack of gold. You play cards that let you gamble or cheat the other players out of money and drink cards that make you drunker. (My mother thought this was an actual drinking game when I first explained it to her but it's not).

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