Monday, January 18, 2010

A new Start

I have decided to put "Family Portrait" on hold yet again so that I can start Ken's birthday/anniversary present early. I found an 18 count bell pull at Jo-Ann's yesterday so I can use that instead of hunting for Chalet fabric which I don't think they make anymore.

Today was my first day back at work in 7 weeks. Fortunately, I am off the phone today and also tomorrow. My job is very technical so there's a lot of computer systems to remember but after watching several co-workers today, it's all coming back to me and I was even able to help some of the newbies who joined the team after I left.

I have also decided to start another scrapbook. I am not one of those "detailed" scrapbookers who like do an entire scrapbook a week. I prefer to take larger chunks and scrapbook those. I also try not to use a lot of predone stuff and prefer to do a lot of my own lettering and such. I tend to get nice paper (my first scrapbook used a lot of plain cardstock but I've sort of graduated from that now). My scrapbooking tools include a centered ruler, a paper cutter, a glass mat and exacto knife and Zig pens. I have a few scissors and punches but overall, I do most of it on my own.

I have four scrapbooks:
  • To Boldly Go Where No Joy Has Gone Before (Birth-High School)
  • When Harry Met Joy (College-Present)
  • Disney 2005
  • My Favorite Things
I have decided to finish off my When Harry Met Joy scrapbook and continue the new one with my marriage and the birth of Zoé.

Here are some pictures from When Harry Met Joy:

This was me at midnight magic for Harry Potter 5. I cheated a bit on the lettering. Found a Harry Potter font online and printed out the text and used it as a stencil for the gold which I cut out with an exacto knife (my fav tool).

I chaperoned this youth rally and made that logo entirely freehand out of cardstock.

A tribute to my father who died in 2006. I photocopy my newspapers at Kinko's so they don't fade or yellow.

I like to do cutouts (especially when the background is boring). This was my college graduation.

We had another Disney trip and they make such great premade stuff that I decided to buy some and use it. Their 3D stickers are amazing.

I made the frame in this one using a photo I had taken.

These are the last two pages that I did, segueing into me getting married. I had a lot of fun designing them. There are a lot of stickers but the lettering is all me and I used mettalic gold and silver pens (I also love Zig pens as well). One more page to go and this scrapbook is FINISHED!

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