Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stocking progress

It's been a busy week. My mother and mother-in-law are coming for Thanksgiving so there has been a cleaning frenzy. Got more baby stuff today handed down from one of the mothers at school.

The bassinet was looking a bit empty, so I thought I'd improve it.

Then I decided that he looked a little cold.

I'm not getting anxious at all. No, not at all.

Oh, here's the current progress on the stocking. We had 10-20 minutes between calls so I got a bit done.

On a sad note, my beta, Mario, died today. I think the water here has something fish-toxic in it. I use Start Right in the water which I've used for 20 years and had great success (we kept a goldfish in a bowl for 16 years). I noticed that his fins were getting raggedy. I didn't realize that betas don't shed their fins like my goldfish did and didn't realize until it was too late that he was sick until he turned whitish and we changed the water with bottled spring water but I think it was too late and even though he seemed to have perked up, he died today.


  1. Bummer about the beta. Yea on the free stuff!

  2. Your WIP is coming along well.
    Sad to hear about Mario.

  3. Poor Mario... on the other hand, how good is the water for you? A long time ago when I lived in Ontario, the water was treated by chloramine, which is bleach and amonia (instead just bleach/chlorine). It was not advisable for fish and people with kidney problems. Guess what... next day I had reverse osmosis system installed under my sink. My advise is to check with your municipality how the water is treated.

    Snowmen looks cute and happy!

  4. The only thing I can think of is the water because that's the only thing that changed when we moved. Next fish gets the bottled spring water. The water here literally smells like dirt. Fortunately, our fridge has a filter on it and the water tastes much better coming from the fridge. I believe they get the water from the nearby lake

  5. Poor Mario. Our water here is really bad too. Indiana, anyway we have bottled water for everything it's RO water. DH has kidney stones. so I would suggest that you get an RO system or buy the RO water. Love the bassinet that is so cute what you did:0) also the stocking is really coming along nicely.


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