Friday, November 13, 2009

Loom Knitting Resources (project list)

Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter
Chick blanket
Winter blanket
Baby's first quilt
Baby bear
Baby bear blanket
Toddler sweater
Toy bag
Girl's shrug
Scarf and hat
Prairie scarf and hat
Afghan shawl
Mommy and Me blanket
Baseball and basketball pillows
Broom horse
Pirate costume and boots
Fancy dress up
Journal book covers
Socks, Hair scrunchies, boa/scarf
Bird marionette
Worm marionette
Ball crafts
Candle/bottle toppers

Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms

Bordered Scarf
Woven-top Hat
Popcorn Bobble Ha
Drawstring Purse
Seed Sttich Spa Set
Mobius Shawl
Diamond Lace Shawl
Shell Stitch Afghan
Chevron Baby Blanket

Learn to Knit on Circle Looms
At-Home Comfort Socks
Mom and Daughter Bangle Bags
Make it soft Scarf
Make it soft Hat
Striped Squares Baby Blanket
Keep-Warm Tubular Scarf
Keep-Warm Hat
Relaxing Afghan

Loom Knitting Primer
Simple Hat
Garter Stitch Hat
I cord Hot Pad
Purple Trendy Scarf
Rainbow Fish Pillow
Winter Hat
Chunky Ribbed Socks
Child's Mock Cable Hat
Children's Earflap Hats
Ribbed Leg Warmers
Mock Cable Socks
Weekend Socks
Brocade Baby Sweater
Garter Stitch Scarf
Velvety Soft Blanket and Hat
Bliss Baby Blanket
Mock Cables Poncho
Fingerless Mitts
Eyeglasses Case
Waves Shrug
Power Pink Scarf
Double Knit Ribbed Scarf
Striped Scarf
Yoga Mat Bag
Felted Accessories Clutch
Felted Handbag
Felted Laptop Cozy
Soft Felt Slippers

Knitting Wheel Fashions
Neck Cuff and Belt
Ear Warmer
Basic Hat
Sequined Hat
Spiral Hat
Shaggy Dog Hat and Scarf
Mohair Bag
Cotton Bag
Hat and Shawl

More Knitting Wheel Fashions
Faux Feather Boa
Basket Hat
Visor Cap
Fur Stripes Ear Flap Hat
Fingerless Mitts
Blanket Poncho
Double Knit Scarf
Irish Lass Beret
Corkscrew Scarf
Adult Scarf
Infant Socks
Cozy Quilt
Checkered Flag Scarf
Felted Fedora
Felted Flower
Felted Wallet Belt
Felted Slippers
it's a Wrap Sweater

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