Saturday, November 14, 2009

34 days and counting...

Today was a cleaning day. I finally put all my clothes into my closet. Why now, you ask? You only moved into the house mid-July. Well...seeing as most of my wardrobe no longer fits me (at least temporarily), I really didn't see the point of actually taking it out of the boxes. But as my mother will arrive here for Thanksgiving a week from Wednesday, I figured it was time. I also wrapped her Christmas presents (including the hat and scarflet).

We also did our Thanksgiving shopping. Got all the fixing for a pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and the 18 lb turkey. You know, you can cheat now and get the pumpkin in the can with all the spices and you have to add is the 2 eggs and the evaporated milk. No fun I say (well, I also make my pie crust from scratch too).

Progress was made on the stocking. Hoping to post a picture tomorrow.

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