Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Wow.  Writing this will be harder since I'm no longer tracking things for Stitch from Stash.

I hope your 2015 was a good year.  Mine was actually pretty good.  I had an adjustment period from being a full time grad student then a full time student teacher to being a full time stay at home mom with no other large responsibilities.  I had a lot of extra time for reading and stitching, which I took advantage of.  I also started subbing occasionally and grading STAAR tests to give me some more experience for my resume.  My girls made grade strides with their Autism-induced speech delays and we started them on medication which has helped immensely.

Here are my string highlights.

First, I got caught up with ornament boxes.  The only ornament not finished at this point is Zoé's 2015 Aurora ornament which I am about 2/3 done with.  I'll post a picture later.  Here are the 2015s that I finished.

I also managed to finish my oldest WIP, "Do Not Meddle," the much blogged about dragon piece I've been working and frogging forever.

I won another blue ribbon at the fair this year for "Sunflower Sampler."  Shooting for a champion ribbon next year!

Other larger framed finishes.

Yellow Submarine
Blackbird Designs

Dimples Designs

Contemporary Wedding Sampler
And that's all for the string of 2015.  I'll post a reading wrap up post to follow.


  1. wow you read a lot. some beautiful stitching beauties. happy new year.

  2. So many lovely finishes!
    Happy new year!

  3. What wonderful finishes you have had! It's lovely to see them all in one place. xx


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