Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Finishing Touches

My husband wants to put a desk in our room, so this weekend I set about rearranging all the craft supplies to make room.  I had a small stack of finished pieces that needed final finishing so today, I finished most of them up.

Gardener's Cottage.  Elizabeth's Designs
I added the charms and Mill Hill Treasures and stretched it.  There's not a lot of excess fabric.  

Mickey Mouse Wreath. Leisure Arts
For Zoe's ornament box.  She loves Mickey Mouse.  I sewed the aida on to some felt and added a hanger.  She's only missing 2 ornaments now and one for this year.

The Wrapper. Full Circle Designs
For Em's ornament box. I finished it flat with a piece of foam board.  I was going to try to sew the edging but gave up and glued it instead.  Carol admitted to me that she does that to finish her ornaments and hers are awesome so I don't feel bad.
There is one more ornament that is almost finished but gluing the strand of little beads onto it is proving a challenge so it isn't ready yet.

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