Friday, August 15, 2014

Mickey Progress

I have slowly but surely been making progress on good old Mickey Mouse.  I don't know why this ornament has been taking so long, but it has.  I suspect the fractional stitches on Aida might be what's slowing me down.

I entered God is Love in the fair today.  My grandma used to enter her pieces but I never have and I figured this was the year to try.

I also started the South Beach Diet today.  Our family doctor recommended it for my husband and I have decided to join him on it.  The first two weeks will probably be rough and I won't be able to have a cookie for quite some time, however, I think I might fare better with it since you can eat when you're hungry as long as you eat from the approved food list.  I had issues with counting calories because I found I was extremely hungry and I couldn't stand the feeling.

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  1. Mickey's looking great! Good luck at the fair!


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