Monday, August 11, 2014

Behind the String: The Worst Mounting Job Ever!

Sadly, today's Behind the String does not have a picture so you will have to use your imagination.  Ready?  Go!

First, picture a stamped cross stitch piece.

The piece is a wedding sampler with two bears on it.  Think cutsy.

Now, take the piece, roughly wrap the fabric around a 8x10 piece of cardboard and stuff it in a cheap 8x10 frame.

You cringed, didn't you.

So, this was a piece that one of my friends made for one of my other friends as a wedding present.  It was hanging on the wall in her dining room and in addition to being horribly mounted, I discovered it was also stained.  The friend that stitched the piece actually was my roommate at one point and I know that she would eat sometimes while stitching, so this didn't surprise me.

After starting at it through several D&D sessions over at the house, I asked my friend if I could take the piece and attempt to clean and remount it.  After all, it was nice of her to stitch it but apparently she didn't know a lot about mounting a finished piece.  My friend agreed, so I took the piece back to my dorm room.

I set about disassembling the piece.  It had been taped on the cardboard with masking tape (shudder, shudder).  I soaked the piece for awhile and most of the stain came out.  There was a lot of excess fabric, so I trimmed that off and carefully remounted the piece on a piece of sticky board (probably not the best choice, I admit, but I did not know how to lace and mount at that point in time).

It looked 10 times better after being re-framed.

The moral of the story: if you are going to take the time to stitch a thoughtful present for someone but you don't know how to mount it, for heaven's sake, ASK FOR HELP!

And that's the story behind the string.


  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed!!!! It drives me nuts when I see a piece that someone worked on (maybe for months!) and then they never washed it or ironed it, and then just slapped it into a frame. The edges are all wonky, it looks lumpy, and it just looks kind of... bleh... and after so much time, it's a bummer to see.

  2. Haha...It was kind of you to do that for her but very good advice!


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